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Cover - Dez décadas de Força Aérea

The Book “DEZ DÉCADAS DE FORÇA AÉREA” was published as part of the centennial celebrations of Military Aviation in Portugal which arise between 14 may 2014, 100 years after the publication of law 162, that created the Military Aeronautics School, and 17 July 2016, also a hundred years on the first flight on the Military Aeronautics School, in Vila Nova da Rainha, around 40 km NE of Lisbon, effected by a Portuguese military pilot in an aircraft belonging to the Ministry of War.

“DEZ DÉCADAS DE FORÇA AÉREA” presents us a summary of the Portuguese Military Aviation pictures and its contribution to the national defense, in peace and in war.

From the initial small and historic airplanes and seaplanes,"stick and rag", to the magic and complexity of new supersonic military aircraft, the Portuguese Military Aviation History is present in this edition through a selection of images, some unpublished, of the engaged "flying machines".

Since 1914, date of creation of the Military Aviation, with the Army and Navy components, through the formation of the Portuguese Air Force, as independent service, in 1952, this book walks through various periods since the founding, consolidation and development, to the present.

Chapter by chapter, decade to decade, we can observe the aircraft and their missions in diverse and fascinating variety, whose sequence of images, allows us to experience the simplicity of the first biplanes and the complexity of the modern aircraft. The images are accompanied by captions, whose narrative complements the introductory text of each decade.

“DEZ DÉCADAS DE FORÇA AÉREA” is a testimony of the Portuguese Military Aviation, as the air component of the National Military Power, since its inception in 1914.

It is a tribute to all the men and women who over the years have served Portugal with enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism, in peace and in war, many of whom gave their lives in supreme sacrifice.


Dimensions: 32cm x 23cm

Pages: 192

Images: 335


Cover - Plano de Voo África

The Book “Plano de Voo África – O Poder Aéreo Português na Contrassubversão 1961-1974”, by John P. Cann, was presented in the Auditorium of the Portuguese Air Force Staff Headquarters in Alfragide, on May 30, 2017.

The Book , presented by Lieutenant-General Antonio de Jesus Bispo, was published by the Air Force Cultural and Historical Commission, as part of the centennial celebrations of Military Aviation in Portugal.

This is a Portuguese version, reviewed and updated, from the John P. Cann’s original book “Flight Plan Africa – Portuguese Air Power in Counterinsurgency, 1961 -1974”, published for the first time on August 19, 2014, in the United Kingdom.


Dimensions: 24 cm x 17 cm

Pages: 624

Images: 132

Infographics and maps: 38